Thumbnails of the early colonies

68 colonies in contact with the Empire in 532 ATD

Tables, sorted by name, distance, population, development, salubrity, etc.

Thumbnail sketches

Sorted by name of colony.

A – B

Aeneas (43 Beta Comae Berenices IV, 0.78 gee, 88% water, 7 C, 11.8-hour days; 1.11 billion people; development: 7)
Federal oligarchic republic. Cult of the “well-rounded citizen”: excellence in academics, music or performance, a profession, sport, and social service. Significant wealth and socio-political opportunity controlled by self-perpetuating “colleges” dedicated to industry, research, education, public service etc. Colleges subsidise employees, students &c. in exchange for political support and prestige. Conspicuous volunteering and support of college sports &c. pervasive among dependants.
Alhurr (15 Lambda Aurigae IV, 0.66 gee, 64% water, 28 C, 14.4-hour days; 2.34 billion people; development: 6.5)
Ruled by an Imperial high commissioner and occupied by peace-keeping forces, following a civil war.
Argolid (Gliese 9476 A IV, 0.69 gee, 59% water, 6 C, 15.0-hour days; 1.2 billion people; development: 2.5)
Ashok (Gliese 25 V, 0.80 gee, 55% water, 0 C, 13.3-hour days; 719 million people; development: 4.5)
Austral Eden (Pi Mensae V, 0.84 gee, 87% water, 17 C, 12.4-hour days; 1.57 billion people; development: 6.5)
Bakunin (4 Tau Bootis IV, 0.97 gee, 71% water, -6 C, 50.5-hour days; 532 million people; development: 3)
Barutanah (40 Xi Ophiuchi V, 0.99 gee, 80% water, 45 C, 20.1-hour days; 4.6 billion people; development: 7)
Bhima (1 Chi Herculis V, 0.57 gee, 53% water, 20 C, 11.6-hour days; 1.94 billion people; development: 4.5)
Bonanza (Gliese 4382 IV, 0.73 gee, 64% water, 11 C, 16.9-hour days; 6.22 billion people; development: 6)
Borlung (39 Serpentis V, 0.83 gee, 95% water, -10 C, 17.0-hour days; 107 million people; development: 4)
Broadmeadow (Capella VIII, 0.61 gee, 68% water, 29 C, 14.3-hour days; 1.35 billion people; development: 4.5)

C – F

Cockaigne (Alderamin VI, 0.86 gee, 69% water, 19 C, 12.3-hour days; 1.08 billion people; development: 6)
Covenant (8 Delta Trianguli III, 0.84 gee, 58% water, 17 C, 25.9-hour days; 4.73 billion people; development: 5)
Dysfunctional representative democracy subject to military junta. Ghettoised into Judaites and Noachites, the former adhering to the Law of Moses. Widespread religiosity; sexually repressive, nudity taboo, cleanliness laws. Strife between secularists and Mosaists over civil legislation of Mosaic precepts, dissident Judaites, fraternisation. {Turkey, but Jewish rather than Muslim.}
Durack (Gamma Coronae Austrinae VI, 0.73 gee, 78% water, -9 C, 11.1-hour days; 153 million people; development: 2.5)
Egalité (16 Psi Capricorni V, 0.90 gee, 59% water, -1 C, 16.1-hour days; 4.52 billion people; development: 6.5)
Emmaus (Iota Persei V, 0.92 gee, 95% water, 24 C, 22.0-hour days; 521 million people; development: 2)
Myriads of hereditary monarchies with some feudal empires and some plutocratic city-states. Sex discrimination, with male primogeniture and some royal polygyny. Sumptuary laws restrict certain foods and adornments to the privileged. Cult of personal integrity; imputations of dishonesty are treated as assaults; “honour killing” of dishonest family members is condoned. Warfare semi-ritualised. Non-combatants sheltered; despoliation and debauchery of defeated civilians established and limited by convention; savage punishments for perfidy.
Farfalle (Gliese 570.1 V, 0.71 gee, 80% water, 2 C, 37.8-hour days; 3.35 billion people; development: 6.5)
Fureidis (Alpha Mensae V, 0.73 gee, 97% water, 10 C, 18.4-hour days; 455 million people; development: 6)

H – K

Hijra (p Eridani III, 1.05 gee, 19% water, 17 C, tide-locked; 864 million people; development: 4)
Nomad bands led by “terraformers”, city-states ruled by monk-like “judges”; both qualified by apprenticeship. Sex discrimination. Sexually repressive. Homosexuals persecuted. Mutual contempt of cityfolk and nomads. Nomad code of chivalry extols daring and mercy but allows raiding. Nomads hold water sacred; tolerance for dirt. City customs fiercely emphasise property rights, some very abstract; include slavery; brutal punishments for theft, criminal damage, nuisance. Cleanliness rituals. Cultural non-conformists ghettoised.
Hippodamia (Kaus Borealis VII, 0.90 gee, 61% water, 15 C, 15.7-hours days; 4.5 billion people; development: 6.5)
Self-perpetuating bureaucracy of eunuchs, with fierce intrigue. Property held by gerontocratic clans of women, responsible for children and education, exerting great local influence. Men trade gifts and favours for sexual access, illicit liaisons. Pension paid to eunuchs. Lethal weapons permitted only to eunuchs and women.
Hurley (Gliese 9583 V, 0.86 gee, 82% water, 12 C, 12.7-hour days; 2.86 billion people; development: 6)
Hypatia (16 Lambda Andromedae VI, 0.88 gee, 82% water, 41 C, 20.4-hours days; 2.22 billion people; development: 6)
Iram (74 k Orionis V, 0.82 gee, 91% water, 16 C, 13.8-hour days; 1.98 billion people; development: 6.5)
Iter (Zeta-2 Reticuli IV, 0.66 gee, 82% water, 25 C, 17.5-hour days; 4.21 billion people; development: 7.5)
Federal democratic republic with anti-incumbency and a subordinate technocratic bureaucracy. Competitive, ebullient, and striving; fame-loving and appearance-conscious. Nudity taboo; reticent about sex. Confiscatory inheritance taxes; young are grubstaked with extensive training, robots, equipment at public expense. Cutting-edge materials technology & electro-mechanical microtech.
Jingtu (37 Ceti V, 0.61 gee, 70% water, 34 C, 14.1-hour days; 2.65 billion people; development: 6)
Khemet (58 Eridani IV, 0.69 gee, 87% water, 10 C, 17.6-hour days; 1.66 billion people; development: 4.5)
Chaos — a former monarchy and recent parliamentary republic, racked by secessions, rebellions, coups, and purges. Society ghettoised and stratified into endogamous occupational castes. Discrimination against women. Elaborate and critical social and business customs. Gross inequality and revolutionary violence.

L – M

Ladon (Gliese 728 II, 0.87 gee, 22% water, 24 C, tide-locked; 1.09 billion people; development: 7)
Lahar (111 Tauri IV, 0.63 gee, 99% water, 17 C, 14.0-hour days; 57 million people; development: 3)
Thousands of island-kingdoms. Extended families matrilocal and exogamous but patriarchal, hold land in common. Aristocratic families lead tribes. Ambitious and aristocratic young men wander, amassing reputation to marry well; famous heroes marry princesses and become kings. Quarterly orgiastic festivals; children resulting become holy men and women. Wandering bards privileged.
Liberty (Gliese 758 IV, 0.81 gee, 79% water, -8 C, 21.4-hour days; 676 million people; development: 4)
Lohengrin (78 Mu-1 Cygni IV, 0.61 gee, 89% water, 1 C, 27.4-hour days; 2.13 billion people; development: 6.5)
Maitreya (Gliese 9681 IV, 0.84 gee, 67% water, 1 C, 26.5-hour days; 2.35 billion people; development: 6.5)
Margulis (HD 361 IV, 0.93 gee, 55% water, 23 C, 22.5-hour days; 7.05 billion people; development: 6.5)
Mundonova (HD 177082 IV, 0.71 gee, 62% water, 13 C, 16.2-hour days; 3.2 billion people; development: 6.5)


Navabharata (Beta Hydri VI, 0.96 gee, 80% water, 38 C, 12.9-hour days; 2.16 billion people; development: 4)
Myriads of simple or feudal monarchies, aristocratic republics, free cities etc. Ruling class (devas, suras, aesir, divi, vanir etc.) have off-world technical educations and cosmetic biomods: they pass as gods. Lavish ceremonies with narrative dance; sex discrimination; stoical self-denial and ruthless dispassion. Stagnant manorial economy: agriculture in summer, handicrafts in winter; advanced services provided by nobility noblesse oblige.
Neapolis (Gliese 792.1 A V, 0.96 gee, 68% water, 20 C, 18.6-hour days; 2.04 billion people; development: 6)
Neuheim (Gliese 95 IV, 0.68 gee, 67% water, -4 C, 41.7-hour days; 247 million people; development: 3)
New Athens (45 c Bootis V, 1.09 gee, 67% water, 48 C, 25.4-hour days; 6.8 billion people; development: 6.5)
Federal republic; constituent states include democratic republics, timocratic republics, aristocratic republics, populist tyrannies, some depotisms. Weak central government, constitution and bicameralism protect states' diversity. Cult of ‘rationality’; dominance through debating. Diverse marriage forms; polygyny common in the rich, polyandry among the poor. No exposure taboo, obsession with physical beauty. Athletics pervasive, but few team sports. Amateur musical theatre pervasive. Great economic inequality with transfers in some states and repressions in others; internal migration restricted; socialism and reaction.
New Benin (Gliese 679 IV, 0.79 gee, 69% water, 3 C, 25.9-hour days; 6.5 billion people; development: 6.5)
New Earth (2 Eta Coronae Borealis VI, 0.77 gee, 93% water, 11 C, 15.5-hour days; 1.17 billion people; development: 7.5)
Federal democratic republic with plutocratic tendency; vestigial monarchy self-perpetuating by tanistic co-optation. Radical body modification customary; extensive, expensive, tasteful, imaginative, and witty mods brings status; commitment to a long program of self-transformation is admired as a sign of character. Sex (being male, female, both, neither) is plastic. Nudism approved. Artificial reproduction common. Ethical counselling amounts to a lay religion; sporting and musical fandoms to ecstatic cults. Cutting-edge cellular biotech, anatomical synthesis.
New Eden (Gliese 702.1 IV, 0.86 gee, 76% water, 40 C, 15.9-hour days; 3.63 billion people; development: 5.5)
New Huntington (15 Sagittae V, 0.82 gee, 67% water, 2 C, 30.0-hour days; 1.09 billion people; development: 3.5)
New Lombok (Gliese 838 IV, 0.76 gee, 97% water, 47 C, 38.9-hour days; 109 million people; development: 2.5)
New Polynesia (Alzirr V, 0.99 gee, 100% water, 24 C, 25.6-hour days; 130 million people; development: 5.5)
Oligarchy of privileged lodges; individual islands ruled by residence matriclans. Sexes segregated: women make up land-owning matrilineal clans; boys assigned at puberty to occupational lodges, many ocean-going, on the basis of aptitude and drug-trance omens. Cohabitation tabooed, long-term affairs forbidden but glamorised. Courtship involves male advertisement (of dance, athleticism, musical ability, eloquence, beauty etc.) and female choice; individual courtship considered indecent. Soccer. Acrobatics. Space industry lost in Formation Wars, “Reaching Void Lodge” destroyed.
New Rome (g Lupi V, 0.93 gee, 60% water, -9 C, 12.5-hour days; 998 million people; development: 7)
Republic with aristocratic and plutocratic feature, ladder of honours, and incumbency ban. Gentry husband inherited wealth and marry for prosperity, disdain professions and commerce; workers can't afford children. Conspicuous leisure, useless erudition are status symbols. Nudity taboo; clothing marks status and profession. Obsession with legitimacy, fidelity and chastity; inheritances, dowries. Reputations critical. (~Jane Austen with robot working class.)

O – R

Oikos Kyriou (54 Piscium IV, 0.81 gee, 55% water, -3 C, 15.1-hour days; 1.38 billion people; development: 6)
Populist dictatorship with economic reform theocracy & ferocious bureaucratic competition. ?Developing plutocracy? Disestablished religion (Orthodox/Anglican Christianity) still common but not pervasive. Monasteries formerly backbone of social service and economic life lately dissolved and assets nationalised; abbots and priors imprisoned. Rapidly developing economic and social stratification. Costume based on occupation being replaced by new ostentation; perfumes indicate social mode, marital status etc. Marked sex-role differentiation. Family solidarity. Sambo, hunting, and pervasive hockey fandom with hooliganism.
Olympus (17 Sigma Coronae Borealis VI, 0.73 gee, 67% water, 1 C, 15.1-hour days; 2.78 billion people; development: 6)
Pacisordine (Gliese 9264 IV, 0.88 gee, 91% water, 39 C, 35.7-hour days; 2.71 billion people; development: 6.5)
Self-perpetuating bureaucracy with Byzantine intrigue for office, supervised by randomly-selected assembly. Behaviour, nominally free, subjected to examination and counsel by “neighbourhood congregations”: progress and domination through character assassination. Idealises modesty, diligence, frugality, mildness, and social responsibility; distrusts privacy. Fanatical cleanliness.
Paradise III (HR 5996 IV, 0.70 gee, 80% water, 16 C, 23.8-hour days; 4.09 billion people; development: 6.5)
Paraíso (Zeta Tucanae IV, 0.72 gee, 84% water, 16 C, 28.3-hour days; 3.24 billion people; development: 3)
Pentecost (Chara V, 0.76 gee, 74% water, 15 C, 14.4-hour days; 1.11 billion people; development: 3.5)
Persatuan (Gliese 370 II, 0.85 gee, 21% water, 27 C, tide-locked; 1.12 billion people; development: 5)
Persephone (70 Virginis V, 1.45 gee, 80% water, 22 C, 13.3-hour days; 2.82 billion people; development: 3)
Rungsutu (HD 87883 IV, 0.68 gee, 51% water, -11 C, 20.2-hour days; 364 million people; development: 6)

S – T

Sangreal (1 i Centauri V, 0.87 gee, 62% water, 34 C, 28.9-hour days; 9.5 billion people; development: 6.5)
Seeonee (Nu-2 Lupi IV, 0.49 gee, 80% water, 4 C, 16.0-hour days; 1.25 billion people; development: 7)
Meritocratic oligarchy self-perpetuating by co-optation. People gain prestige and qualify for jobs and office by demonstrating abilities in standard trials and courses; clothing indicates statuses thus acquired. Social structure based on “lodges”, members adopted on the blackball system. Troops control significant wealth, perpetuate culture, and enforce codes of honour with threats of expulsion. Involved, exacting, and time-consuming lodge and community rituals. ~ Planet of scouts.
Simanta (Gliese 853 A IV, 0.77 gee, 54% water, 28 C, 26.5-hour days; 15.2 billion people; development: 7.5)
Self-perpetuating bureaucracy. Ant-like communism in which specialised parahumans artificially reproduced are bred from decanting to be cells in the "social organism". Very hedonistic. No families; casual sex but no romance or lasting relationships. Choral singing, communal Tai Chi-like exercises. Cutting-edge genetic engineering, organism design. ~ Huxley's ‘Brave New World’.
Stockhausen (212 Puppis V, 0.78 gee, 68% water, -3 C, 16.2-hour days; 3.47 billion people; development: 7)
Svarga (13 Theta Cygni V, 0.74 gee, 83% water, 18 C, 15.5-hour days; 4.79 billion people; development: 7)
Gerontocratic republic with sortition of qualified nominees, randomly-selected assemblies. Hormones and cosmetic surgery used to define six successive life stages, these in turn dictate social and economic roles. Marriages consist of partners in stages 4 and 5, with an apprentice in stage 3, same sex as stage-5 member; complex restrictions on non-marital sex. Costume and nudity taboo varies with life stage. Virtual privacy. Pervasive combat sports including live-steel knife and sword fights; youngsters’ fights a spectator sport. Informal duelling system. Land and most wealth held by monasteries of hormonally-neutered (Stage 6) monks enjoying wealth and ease. Monasteries provide education, public works, volunteers for administrative posts, and most tax revenue. Admission to wealthy and prestigious monasteries depends on conformity with social norms.
Targan (5 Serpentis IV, 0.86 gee, 75% water, 19 C, 19.1-hour days; 6.2 billion people; development: 6)
Tau Ceti (Tau Ceti III, 0.79 gee, 84% water, 9 C, 42.6-hour days; 5 billion people; development: 7.5)
Eight colonies (Avalon; New Sunrise, San Pietro, Ys; Gogmagog, Hell, Zinfandel; Alcuin) in close co-operation; self-perpetuating technocratic bureaucracies with weak parliamentary oversight. Old, civilised, "proper", stultifying society with thousands of idiosyncratic institutions. “Excessive” or substandard effort or achievement and flamboyance are disparaged. Relaxed nudity taboo, sexually permissive. Wages subsidised to age 75; compulsory investment in superannuation maturing to life annuities at 75. Cutting-edge photonics: sensors, optics, lasers, computers. ~ E.U., Sweden.
Terranova (27 Lambda Serpentis V, 0.54 gee, 57% water, -10 C, 30.3-hour days; 346 million people; development: 5.5)
Tian Longshan (26 Draconis IV, 1.16 gee, 85% water, 17 C, 20.1-hour days; 13.2 billion people; development: 6.5)
Todos Santos (56 Psi-5 Aurigae V, 0.75 gee, 76% water, 13 C, 11.8-hour days; 1.94 billion people; development: 7.5)
Democratic republic. Discreet, businesslike, private. People routinely use psych-tech to get themselves made industrious, thrifty, suitable to jobs, relationships, and public office; they present certified psych profiles to employers, prospective partners, and electors. Extended families husband wealth and grubstake the young, favouring training in skilled professions. Cutting-edge neuropsychology and cognitive engineering.

U – Z

Ultima Thule (Pi-1 Ursae Minoris A IV, 1.34 gee, 94% water, 4 C, 26.2-hour days; 1.96 billion people; development: 6.5)
Ursula (Gliese 9417 V, 0.94 gee, 54% water, 26 C, 22.5-hour days; 7.68 billion people; development: 6.5)
Xanadu (9 Puppis V, 0.98 gee, 88% water, 48 C, 33.1-hour days; 982 million people; development: 3)
Xin Tian Di (61 Virginis IV, 1.06 gee, 53% water, 26 C, 19.2-hour days; 3.33 billion people; development: 2.5)
Thousands of feudal aristocratic states, hundreds of free cities. Each “commune” (manor) has its family of aristocrats; these exchange brides with each other and hold wives in common; the eldest men rule and the women are cloistered. Aristocrats value refined arts, recondite study, personal elegance, swordsmanship, élan, drug experiences; colourful cloaks denote family. Agricultural workers sleep in dormitories, eat in refectories, work in gangs; clothing is issued as superiors see fit. Aristocrats fight over land, political power, and wives, therefore live in fortified castles; workers are immune from this violence. Peasant rebels and bandits suffer condign punishment; all hands are turned against the noble who arms commoners. In the cities manufacturers and merchants act as though they were nobles, but the nobles despise this pretension.
Xindalu (Gliese 706 III, 0.78 gee, 21% water, 24 C, tide-locked; 303 million people; development: 3)

Key to development levels

8.5 The Suite 10 (advanced)
8.0 heyday of Old Earth 10 (standard)
7.5 10 (delayed)
7.0 Emigration era 9 (advanced)
6.5 Space Age 9 (mature)
6.0 Fusion Age 9 (early)
5.5 Communications Age 8
5.0 early Electronic Age 7
4.5 Industrial Age 6
4.0 Industrial Revolution 5
3.5 Enlightenment 4
3.0 Renaissance 3
2.5 High mediaeval 2 (advanced)
2.0 Classical civilisation 2 (early)
1.5 Iron Age 1 (mature)
1.0 Bronze Age 1 (early)
0.5 Neolithic 0 (mature)
0.0 Palaeolithic 0 (early)

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