World information sheet

Star system HD 33866 world V colony Arcolais
class of primary G3 V
apparent size 0.50°
mean distance 1.08 a.u.
perihelion 1.06 a.u.
aphelion 1.10 a.u.
axial tilt 47°
annual period 1.12 years
536.7 local days
local day 18.34 hours
diameter 0.81 x Earth's
10,331 km
density 1.09 x Earth's
surface gravity 0.88 g.
8.7 m.s-2
escape velocity 9.5 km.s-1
vulcanism none
tectonics none
visible illumination 80% Earth's
temperature chilly
average 4 C
perihelion 6 C
aphelion 1 C
coverage 85%
composition water
tidal range 0.4 m
main gases N2, O2
traces &c.
class breathable
pressure 0.98 bar
habitability 68%
carrying capacity 1.89 E+9
population 7.19 E+7
population density 1.4
settlement structure Spread agriculture and concentrated industry
industrial organisation Social democracy
development level 5.3
real exchange rate 0.33 Cr/SVU
nominal GDP 1.5 E+11 Cr
nominal GDP/head 2 100 Cr
real GDP/head 6 300 SVU
equality 60%
world unity Unitary state
type Parliamentary representative democracy
succession Elective
structure Functional

Law & Enforcement
source Parliamentary legislations
enforcement Police & detectives
powers & resources 2/10
judgement panel of judges
procedure adversarial
protections 7/10
penalties • Death penalty for rape and murder
• Imprisonment
• Fines
peculiarities • Public nudity is prohibited except for models in art studios
• Art teaching is licensed
• Curators, art teachers, and licensed art students have legal privileges
• "Creating an aesthetic nuisance" is a misdemeanour
diversity Very low
structure Art schools & fandoms
household type Nuclear
kinship system Bilateral
gender authority Equal
sex roles Equivalent
stratification high
social mobility • Dependent on achievement in art
customs • Pervasive practice of visual arts
• Prominent artists adulated
• Curators and art teachers accepted as social authorities
• Low cultural tolerance
values • Artistic ability
• Conformity
taboos • Nudity (crotch, buttocks, legs)
• Disrespect of a curator or art teacher
• Malicious damage to artworks
• Littering and aesthetic nuisances
peculiarities • Numerous art galleries and academies
• Large art collections are common
• Artefacts and clothes heavily decorated.
problems • Industrial underdevelopment
• STEM skills shortage
• Art riots
spaceport Scale 1
nearest neighbour 0
distance 0 LY
sector Gemini
SHQ Franklin
distance 72.4 LY

Celestial objects

identifier class apparent size (°) apparent period (hours) tides (m)
sun G3 V 0.5 18.3 0.4



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