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Site and forum issues
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Any problems with or comments about the wiki itself rather than its content.
1024by AgemegosAgemegos
07 Aug 2016 09:04Jump!
Any problems with or coments about this forum?
34by AgemegosAgemegos
09 Apr 2018 23:21Jump!
Discussion of Flat Black
Discussion of Flat Black itself, its nature, qualities, and features.
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What happened? Where did all the air go?
316by AgemegosAgemegos
22 Apr 2010 23:57Jump!
What works in Flat Black, what doesn't, and what isn't available even though it does.
915by Jeff MurrellJeff Murrell
30 Nov 2014 22:21Jump!
Planets, non-Imperial habitats, the people who live on them, their strange customs, and the governments that oppress them.
1456by AgemegosAgemegos
30 Oct 2015 06:15Jump!
The Empire, Imperial Direct Jurisdiction, and the people who live there.
1488by AgemegosAgemegos
21 Dec 2016 00:28Jump!
Interstellar corporations, interstellar liners, and the society of frequent travellers
11by AgemegosAgemegos
20 Feb 2010 02:52Jump!
Other issues
25by AgemegosAgemegos
05 May 2010 05:54Jump!
RPG rule sets used to support Flat Black games, including implementation and representation issues.
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The rule set of the original Flat Black games.
49by AgemegosAgemegos
06 Feb 2016 01:18Jump!
The Generic Universal RPG System from Steve Jackson Games.
721by sirpuddingsirpudding
07 Aug 2009 11:22Jump!
SF extension of Hero Games' "Hero System"
You could use Traveller, really!
"Fate Core"? "Fate Accelerated Edition"? "Starblazers Adventures"? "Diaspora"?
Investigative campaigns in "Flat Black" might be run using hacks of "Ashen Stars" or "Gaean Reach" or Gumshoe more generally.
Playing Flat Black
Organise games, report on games you've played, play by post.
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Find players, arrange games, announce con visits.
19528by AgemegosAgemegos
12 Jul 2012 07:25Jump!
Tell war stories!
110by MercatorMercator
20 Apr 2009 11:37Jump!
Play-by-(forum) post!
5164by Jeff MurrellJeff Murrell
20 Feb 2014 01:10Jump!
No, really!
Science, technology, and the folly of Man, that seems as though it belongs in Flat Black.
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New discoveries!
New products and processes!
1213by AgemegosAgemegos
10 Nov 2014 07:40Jump!
Still being used by apes!
22by AgemegosAgemegos
26 Aug 2010 23:00Jump!
Discussions of matters not directly relevant to Flat Black
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Discussion of SF, its subgenres, and SF works and authors, other than as directly relevant to Flat Black.
11by AgemegosAgemegos
17 Jul 2009 10:01Jump!
Discussion of role-playing games in general and specific games and settings other than Flat Black and Flat Black games.
11by AgemegosAgemegos
18 Feb 2009 21:47Jump!
Things that you can't forbear from discussing, even though you know you should.
14by IcelanderIcelander
20 Dec 2008 21:43Jump!
Discussion space for my "Wednesday Night Codgers" campaign, which has nothing to do with "Flat Black".
1050by AgemegosAgemegos
30 May 2012 02:56Jump!

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