Remarks on Tau Ceti


  • Tau Ceti was the first colony established from Old Earth, the first to found a university, the first to attract mainstream migrants. It was long the most populous, is still at least equally the most technologically advanced and richest. Tau Cetians consider it to be the most urbane and sophisticated.
  • There are eight colonies on Tau Ceti: Avallon, New Sunrise, San Pietro, Ys, Gogmagog, Hell, Zinfandel, and Alcuin. De jure they remain separate sovereign entities, and insist vehemently on separate representation in the Imperial Senate. There are no global institutions on Tau Ceti other than the Space Traffic Control Authority and the International Court of Arbitration (which settles disputes arising under treaties). The colonies do not allow that there is a government of Tau Ceti, nor a coalition, nor a union. There are just eight very sensible government that play nicely together, consult often at all levels, an co-operate at the dictates of common sense.
  • In practice the laws and policies of the Eight Colonies are closely harmonised by “inter-governmental working parties” of bureaucrats. By steering the legislation put to plebiscites, these have managed to reduce the nominally sovereign parliaments of the colonies to irrelevance.
  • Nine centuries of un-interrupted high-tech communications and transport on Tau Ceti have meant that any cultural differences that might have been established in Tau Ceti's early days are long since erased. Tau Cetian culture is geographically uniform: its fashions and subcultures extend to all eight colonies.