World information sheet

Star system Nu-2 Lupi world IV colony Simanta
class of primary G2 V
apparent size 0.46°
mean distance 1.11 a.u.
perihelion 1.1 a.u.
aphelion 1.12 a.u.
axial tilt 35°
annual period 1.17 years
641 local days
local day 16 hours
diameter 6 888 km
0.54 x Earth's
density 5.0
0.9 x Earth's
surface gravity 4.8 m.s-2
0.49 gee
escape velocity 5.8 km.s-1
period of low orbit 93 minutes
vulcanism none
tectonics none
visible illumination 80% Earth's
temperature 4 C (chilly)
daily temp. var. ± 4 C
seasonality 1.1 x Earth's
windiness 0.9 x Earth's
coverage 80%
composition water
tidal range 0.3 m
0.2 x Earth's
main gases N2, O2
traces &c.
pressure 0.65 bar
oxygen 0.17 bar (26%)
class breathable
half height 10.76 km
boiling point 88 C
spaceport Scale 5
nearest neighbour New Rome
distance 9.7 LY
sector Central
SHQ Old Earth
distance 48.3 LY
habitability 57%
carrying capacity 1.76 E+9
population 1.88 E+9
population density 63
settlement structure Garden cities.

Glossaries & keys

diversity strictly conformist
structure neighbourhoods
household type atomistic
kinship system none
gender authority equal
sex roles interchangeable
stratification slight, based on parahuman type
social mobility none possible
customs artifical reproduction
Free Love: sex is without social significance
communal choral singing
Tai Chi-like exercises performed communally daily
values flamboyance
sensual pleasure
taboos family relations
"infatuation" (sexual attachment)
deviance from social norms
peculiarities There are no families. People are born in gestation centres, raised in socialisations centres, live alone.
Caste system: the people are parahumans designed and raised from birth for particular social and occupational roles.
Fanatical cleanliness.
manner Hedonistic, but as emotionless as fish.
problems & current issues Fulsome sensuality.
world unity Unitary
name The Eusociality of Simanta
type aristocratic
succession meritocratic
structure bureaucracy
head of state Crown Council (self-perpetuating by co-optation)
chief executive World Co-ordinator
features Government office is confined to the “leader” parahuman species.
Integration of government and industrial management.
Law & Enforcement
source statute
legislature Crown Council 2/3 supermajority
enforcement constabulary
powers & resources 10/10
judgement expert magistrate
procedure adjudicative
protections restricted (3/10)
penalties reconstruction for violence
reconstruction for recalcitrance
public shame, terms of wage reduction for property crimes
peculiar laws social non-conformists are offered reconstruction or exile
corruption 1% (almost none)
industrial organisation Communism
development level 8.5
currency 1 valute = 0.0256 SVU
real exchange rate 1 Cr/SVU
nominal GDP 1.1 E+14 Cr
nominal GDP/head 58 000 Cr
real GDP/head 58 000 SVU
inequality 0.16
Celestial objects
class size (°) size (full moons) period (hours) tides (m)
sun G2 V 0.46 0.84 16 0.26

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