Structure of an Imperial Marines regiment

An Imperial Marines regiment is a permanent unit with a nominal strength of 84 officers and 1,636 other ranks. Like a Napoléonic corps d’armée or a WWII division, an Imperial Marines regiment is a self-contained unit with its own supporting troops included, fully capable of independent operations. A marines officer or marine is assigned to a particular regiment when he or she completes training. Transfers are possible, but a marine expects to remain a member of the same regiment until he retires, unless promoted out of the top of the regimental structure. If an officer, NCO, or marine is seconded to divisional or general staff work he retains his regimental identity, wearing the staff or school badge on his regimental recognition patch.

The regiments are identified by number, but each has a nickname, a tactical recognition patch, and a collection of battle honours, anniversaries, trophies, regimental march tunes, customs, and traditions that makes it unique and glorious to its members.

Table of unit structures

This table shows the nominal strength of each unit, supposing three platoons to a company, three companies to a battalion etc., and no regimental support troops attached. In practice there are often two or four rather than three sub-units, and specialists from the regimental support companies are often attached to battalions, companies, and platoons.

unit leader consists of other
team lance-corporal
(asst sect. leader)
(section leader)
team leader
4 0
section corporal • 2 teams 8 0
platoon ensign, sublieutenant
officer commanding
platoon sergeant
• support team
• 3 sections
31 1
company lieutenant-major officer commanding
deputy commander
colour sergeant
quartermaster sergeant
2 orderlies
• HQ section
- signals team
- supply team
• 3 platoons
105 5
battalion major officer commanding
deputy commander
2 orderlies
• HQ platoon
- battalion aid (medical) team
- fire support section
- signals section
- supply section
• 3 companies
348 18
regiment colonel commanding officer
deputy CO
chief of staff
deputy chief-of-staff
aide to the CO
regimental sergeant-major
staff sergeant-major
5 orderlies
• HQ coy.
- admin platoon
- provost platoon
- signals platoon
- supply platoon
• engineering coy.
• hospital coy.
• reconnaissance coy.
• recovery coy.
• 3 battalions
1,636 84